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FFXIV: General Tips to Do PVP Better

One question, do you like playing PVP? As Garo event is to start on January 17th, weapons, armors and mounts will be available from PVP. So this article will give you some general PVP tips, which may not be applicable for all PVP's.





1. Stay with the group

If you decide to lone wolf it and die, you're not only losing points for your team because you died, your group is also now down a person. In group fights, having one more person present could very well turn the tide.


2. Focus the same targets as other DPS in your group

A good PVP healer can kite an uncoordinated party all over the map for days, but even the most skilled player will have a hard time when CC'd properly.


3. Keep an eye on points

Tunneling will lose the game even for a group of really strong players, because it is very very easy to get carried away with getting Battle High and Battle Fever. While you've been farming Adders or Mael or Flames, the other group has had the entire rest of the map to themselves. If your goal is to win, don't lose sight of the objective.


4. Don't play too risky, don't play too safe

Worry less about sustaining. For healers, don't be afraid to front load your CDs if needed. If you sit on them too long, your team has a higher chance of dying. If you run out, at least you did your job. For DPS, burst as close to a one shot as possible. Every GCD you spend on killing your target is another 2.5 seconds for their healer to swoop in and ruin your day.


5. For healers, pay attention to the other healers in your party 

SCH shields and Noct AST shields overwrite each other. WHM and WHM regens do not stack. AST and AST cards, regens, and shields also don't stack. But Diurnal regens will stack with WHM regens. If possible, adjust so that you are getting more mileage out of the healer combo. Remember to protect healer.  Healing is considerably more potent than even a couple of players DPS. A living, safe healer will keep you going for a while.


6. On the flip side, kill the opposing healers first

You will need to use CC's at the right times to drop a healer, or overwhelm them with numbers. Try and force out Attunement, and save stuns/silences/large burst abilities until they are low so you can drop them.


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