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Increasing The Amount Of Beta Players In Albion

It's a clearly known fact now that Albion is a buy to play game, if you are about to buy the game, more or less, you start out with at a minimum a month worth of premium service. Of course, you can also make the choice to either renew your premium service ot not. Regardless of how to choose, you can continue to enjoy the game via cheap albion online gold



However, The great part about Albion is that it is awfully easy to renew your premium service. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY GOLD from their shop in order to renew the premium service. Meanwhile, which means that there are cheap albion online silver for sale


As we all know, we can't cancel the wipe, owing to this game is a grind- based game, and it will prevent new players from playing competitively to not have a wipe. Nonetheless, there are the other reason for players to play this game for nothing. It can't be something matter for competitive play like gold or weapon.


What i would say is there should be cosmetic item tiers for beta players, for instance: 


First threshold (10 hours of gameplay in beta) : A wizard robe (totally cosmetic).

Second threshold (50 hours of gameplay in beta) : A new home style.

Third Threshold (100 hours of gameplay) : Ability to do an emotion unique for beta.


Anyway, In a nutshell, premium service is easy to get with in game currency and once you buy Albion once, you will never have to purchase gold from a cash shop ever again. UPAlbion, remember it:, an offcial website that sell the cheapest gold or Silver. 


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